Silicone Sealant, Butyl Strip Sealant

We stock a wide range of silicone sealants & mastics, suitable for around the home & garden but most specifically for using in conjunction with a variety of roofing sheets. 

The General Purpose silicone tubes are sold individually, or in boxes of 25 

The multi purpose silicone sealant will provide a permanently flexible seal that will offer excellent adhesion to most substrates. The surfaces are not restricted to, but do include ceramics, glazed surfaces, aluminium, painted & non porous surfaces. It also includes a fungicide to prevent mould growth in areas of high humity. 

We also stock ready for immediate despatch ; 

Lead Mate 
Sticks All
Butyl Strip Sealant (various sizes) 
Beading tape
Coloured Sealants 

and much more please call 0800 980 7341 for more information