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Single Skin / Built Up Product Overview


  • Low and varied U values can be accommodated; U Values can be engineered to comply with 2006 Part L2
  • Increasing insulation thickness does not impose significant weight increase
  • Mineral fibre insulation has good fire properties, is inexpensive and light
  • Low material cost
  • All components are readily recycled
  • Inherently good sound reduction characteristics
  • Extra vapour control layers and breather membranes can be incorporated into built up systems
  • CSL spacer systems are designed to reduce cold bridging
  • Flexibility of design and specification with a wide choice of outer profiles, liners, insulation, coating types and metal types
  • The roof can be quickly lined out to provide a dry working area underneath
  • Sections can be easily replaced
  • Factory curving available

Most profiles are nestable for easy storage, light and easy to handle


13/3 Corrugated


19/1000 Liner



26/900 Roof


26/900 Wall

32/1000 Roof


32/1000 Wall





Tile Effect






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